Georgie Flores’ most recent work revolves around his subway commute to and from Brooklyn to the Queens Museum of art, where he currently works. His work captures the friction and tension of subway rush hour through his use of ink, charcoal, canvas, and oil paint: a portrayal of the everyday “toll” to make a living, the anonymity fellow riders share, and the degradation of an inevitable meat market, transforms the vision of subways into living organisms. People, Trains and Stations turn into parasites, that feed off other parasites, so they don’t have to feed so much on themselves. Georgie has also taught as an educator at the Boricua College in Brooklyn, and has also worked with non-profits such as El Museo del Barrio, and the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico.

Georgie is a Puerto Rican born artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute living and working in New York. At the age of twelve he began working as an assistant muralist and sign builder and by 17 was an established muralist in Puerto Rico. While in New York, he continued his exploration of commercial art and mural imagery while also exploring his own work as an artist. Artist educator since 2000, Painter since 1990.
Georgie  Flores            
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